Supporting Safe, Comfortable and Efficient Design.

Ilham Tower makes its mark on the Kuala Lumpur skyline

Distinctive features, expert testing
Balanced between cutting-edge elegance and functional design, Ilham Tower stands as one of Kuala Lumpur's tallest and most distinctive structures thanks to CPP engineering.
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Handling evolving challenges for the EY Centre

Unexpected variables, iterative testing
CPP team was able to test and adapt their approach to help the EY Centre in Sydney, Australia stand tall.
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The Denver Art Museum

Overcoming Unique Weather Conditions
CPP’s research helped complete this unique structure to withstand adverse weather conditions, ensure pedestrian comfort, and maintain the unique design of The Denver Art Museum.
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World’s First Circular Skyscraper

CPP Helps Ensure Design of Award-Winning Building
Using wind tunnels, CPP tests the wind loads, the harsh climate, and occupant comfort of one of the world’s most recognizable structures.
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Measuring dynamic wind loads for NEXTracker

Ensuring safe and efficient design.
CPP made recommendations that enabled designers and engineers to make modifications where needed and ensure the success of the NEXTracker system.
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Understanding Wind Effects on Ground-breaking Architecture

CPP Helps Ensure Comfort at the Marina Bay Sands
A world-class resort on Singapore’s waterfront, the crucial question was how winds and wind-induced vibration would affect the lofty sky park.
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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

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CPP Helps LBNL Prevent Problems with Building Exhaust & Reduce Operating Costs
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Saving Energy, Protecting Air Quality

Natural Ventilation & Sustainability

CPP helps UC Irvine reduce pollution, protect comfort
Designing good natural ventilation requires knowledge of both indoor and outdoor conditions. Read how CPP applied their expertise to this award-winning building.
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2nd Tallest Building in Hong Kong

Two International Finance Centre
CPP answered key questions to overcome one of the world’s most complex wind environments.
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Wind affects our world. We know how.

CPP was the first US company to provide wind engineering services to architects and engineers. Our founders helped create the tools and methods that remain the standards of the industry. Today, CPP provides industry-leading wind consulting services to architects, engineers, and developers around the world. When you know how wind affects our world, your buildings can be safer, more comfortable, and more efficient.
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