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2016 Colorado Companies to Watch Winners

2016 Colorado Companies to Watch Winners

More than 1,000 fellow Colorado companies were nominated.
CPP is honored to be one of 50 winners.
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2016 Tall Building Award Winner

The Durst Project
CPP’s multilayered approach to VIA 57 WEST demonstrates how one project can benefit from integrating several services into one comprehensive study.
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CPP Adds an Office in Singapore

Another way to better serve our clients in Southeast Asia
Because Singapore is a key international location for business and development, it was an easy decision for us to increase our presence there.
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CTBUH 2014 Best Tall Building Worldwide

One Central Park in Sydney
With input from CPP, Watpac designed a unique building that won the CTBUH top honor for 2014!
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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Saving Energy, Protecting Air Quality

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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CPP Helps LBNL Prevent Problems with Building Exhaust & Reduce Operating Costs

Natural Ventilation & Sustainability

CPP helps UC Irvine reduce pollution, protect comfort
Designing good natural ventilation requires knowledge of both indoor and outdoor conditions. Read how CPP applied their expertise to this award-winning building.
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Wind Effects on Solar Panels

Protecting solar power from wind damage
GameChange Racking knew that wind can cause costly damage and down-time for solar arrays. They turned to CPP to help them design products that reduced those critical wind-related risks.
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2nd Tallest Building in Hong Kong

Two International Finance Centre
CPP answered key questions to overcome one of the world’s most complex wind environments.
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Wind affects our world. We know how.

CPP was the first US company to provide wind engineering services to architects and engineers. Our founders helped create the tools and methods that remain the standards of the industry. Today, CPP provides industry-leading wind consulting services to architects, engineers, and developers around the world. When you know how wind affects our world, your buildings can be safer, more comfortable, and more efficient.
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01 MAY 2017
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13 FEB 2017
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WindLab-Solar: A time-saving calculator for solar array wind loads

CPP's Principal Dr. Dave Banks, PEng discusses the complexity of wind loads on roof-mounted solar installations and the innovative online tool , WindLab-Solar, that places CPP’s decades of experience with solar panels at your fingertips.

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