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Wind Engineering for the Mantra Circle on Cavill

Circle_on_Cavill_Towers Surfers paradiseThe Mantra Circle on Cavill is a premier residential venue in Surfers Paradise on Australia’s Gold Coast. It consists of two towers within walking distance of Surfers Paradise Beach.

For a property like the Circle on Cavill in a such world-renowned location, the residents expect a comfortable environment both in and around the building. Specifically, CPP’s clients were concerned about the wind channeling between the towers and creating an uncomfortable wind environment for pedestrians. They also wanted to ensure that tower occupants would not experience wind-induced motion under high wind conditions. Though all high-rises move in the wind, the key is to keep the motion below the perception level of the people in the building.

CPP performed wind tunnel testing on a scale model of the Circle on Cavill towers and their surroundings. Our experts found that, while the towers would experience wind-induced motion, the occupants would not perceive it under most conditions. We also found that the walking area between the towers would indeed be windy, but since the space was used for waling and not lounging, the typical wind conditions for pedestrians would be acceptable. CPP experts also tested the effects of wind on the structural design and cladding for the Circle on Cavill. The results allowed us to recommend ways to use those materials efficiently, ensuring the design was robust where reinforcement was needed without wasting materials where it wasn’t.

The Mantra Circle on Cavill is now a signature feature of the Surfers Paradise skyline, and CPP is proud of our role in its creation. If you have a premier residential project and want to protect occupant comfort, and by extension the value of the property, contact CPP.

Project Team

CPP Project Director:
Dr. Jon Peterka

Structural Engineer:
Hyder Consulting
Peddle Thorpe Architects